You can survive for days, even weeks without food, how ever this will be unpleasant. An average woman needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain health and an average man needs 2500 calories to maintain health. However, this depends on numerous factors including activity level, currant health conditions, climate.

Getting your food supplies together, the types of food you will need to store will largely depend on your taste of course but mostly on how long the products will last. Dried foods in vacuum containers have the longest self life, some of these are good for up 25 years. Can goods, though they have best by dates printed on the can or jar are good for much longer then the date indicates, as long as the contents are still contained a vacuum they are usable, they may not taste as good as they did before the best by date but we are talking about survival. Be sure to store the food in a cool dry place and any bagged foods should be stored in buckets or totes so mice and bugs can not get to them.

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You should be ready if you have to evacuate, there are quit a few emergence rations on the market that will be a lot easier to transport than your canned goods. They can also be stocked up for non evacuation use many of these products have self lifes of 25 years.