Communication may be difficult during a natural or man made disaster, so how can we be ready to keep in touch with family, friends and receive news that will be critical to our survival.

Cell Phones,  It seems as if every one has one these and there is a good chance that in an emergency situation there will be cell phone service. But the system can get overwhelmed with to many calls, so it is best to send your communication as a text. Text messages use a lot less data stream and will be more likely to get through even when the cell phone system is overloaded.

Two Way Radios,  To keep in touch with your group or family members that are traveling close by two radios will help. They are available in many styles and price ranges. Be sure to look over the specs on range and charging requirements.

Now to keep our communication devices charged and ready to use on the move.

Hand Cranked Chargers,  Will keep our communication devices charged up with just a little effort on your part. Many of these have am/fm radios and flash lights built into one compact and light weight unit.

Solar Cell Chargers,  These work well and come in handy, the bad news is they require sunlight to operate, But used with a Backup Power Supply, they can power all your communication devices.